I have been using Ros on and off for a few years due to back and sciatica pain.  I was told by specialist that I would never be pain free and they were offering me epidural injections or cauterising nerve endings to help pain. This was to severe for me so I found Ros.  Ros is wonderful , I went weekly initially for Bowen then after time if and when needed. Ros got me pain free and feeling better than I had in years. Totally recommend. 

Tricia, Tarbolton

I had been suffering shoulder and arm pain due to repetitive strain of typing. I had tried massages and physiotherapy but only managed to gain short term relief. I felt a difference after the first session, following the second and final third session I felt a significant improvement and have not experienced pain in my shoulder or arm since. I found Rosslyn to be professional, patient and a compassionate practitioner. Bowen Therapy has left me pain free and improved my quality of life.

Caroline, Ayr

My Bowen treatments by Rosslyn exceeded all my expectations. My first treatment has helped me with painful cramps in my legs. Following this success I had further treatments which helped with back pain and faster healing of a knee injury. Rosslyn is a professional in Bowen therapy and I have no hesitation in recommending her treatments to anyone.

Arnold, Ayr

I have been receiving Bowen Treatment from Rosslyn for 3 years for various different ailments ranging from lower back and shoulder problems, knee pain, hip displacement and jaw mis-alignment. I always feel a great improvement after a treatment. Rosslyn is very good at putting me at ease and the treatment has never felt uncomfortable like some other forms of treatments that I have had in the past, in fact it was very relaxing!

Emily, Waterside

I have had a number of Bowen treatments with Ros mostly with sports injuries. I was training to compete in a ‘Tough Mudder’ race and a few weeks from the race date, I started suffering from painful shin splints. I thought I might have to pull out of the race but after one session and a day’s rest I was back to training and was able to compete in the race. Another time I pulled a muscle at the gym and was in quite a lot of discomfort, however after only 2 sessions I was able to return to the gym and resume training pain free. I recommend Ros and Bowen for anyone who does a lot of sports and wants to keep fit and recover quickly from injuries. 

Jos, Dundee

I had a neck problem for many years . I’ve been for lots of different therapies but none were anywhere near as effective as Bowen . Can’t thank you enough Ros !

Tracy, Motherwell