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What do sessions cost and how long do they last?

Your first Bowen session may include extra consultation time and is priced at £45.00. Follow up sessions are priced at £40.00. Sessions generally last from 30-45mins in duration.

Payment can be made by cash or credit/debit card.

What about cancellations / reschedules?

With busy lives juggling work and family commitments, I am compassionate to the reality that you will need be forced to reschedule appointments from time to time. Generally speaking I do not charge fees under reasonable notice or planned changes. However, please note that cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment time will incur half the treatment fee and if less than 12 hours or no-shows will incur the full fee which will be added at your next visit.

Can I claim on my health insurance?

Many policies allow for a quota of complementary health claims and Bowen Therapy is often included, however it depends on the individual policy wording and terms. Often there will be a set number of session allowed within any year, so check with your insurer. 


Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured and am also a member of Bowen Therapist Professional Association (BTPA) and Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and I abide by the high standards of these bodies.


What can I expect from my Bowen session?

Before your session, some preparation would be appreciated regarding your wearing suitable comfortable clothing. I can work through light, loose clothing and I can also work on skin where appropriate and comfortable for the client. Please avoid tight/restrictive clothing, suits and formal work-wear. If necessary, bring a light change of clothing with you.

During the session there will be short breaks where I will not be in contact with the body. This is normal and is simply offering an opportunity for the body's response to the soft tissue stimulation I have applied.


How many sessions will I need?

The number of Bowen sessions that you will need depends very much on the nature of your condition, and whether we are working to resolve an acute pain and get you moving again, or dealing with a chronic pattern that may require more visits to stabilise and improve.

In many, but not all cases we will work over 3 sessions and I ask new clients to consider this as a minimal commitment to offer yourself the opportunity for both meaningful change and stability of outcome. In all cases, treatment will be tailored to your specific problem based on my measurements and assessments. I will not necessarily focus on symptomatic areas of pain. This is normal and consistent with my complementary approach and holistic view of the body.

Any post-treatment advice?

Although many clients feel immediate relief at the conclusion of their visit, I remind them that the body and nervous response continues to evaluate and respond to changes beyond the window of the session. For this reason, I recommend that all my clients are patient enough to wait 48-72 hours to allow for changes to stabilise. It is VERY IMPORTANT to move, particularly to walk, avoiding long periods of sitting post session. Gravity and movement are the great integrators!

What does Bowen treat?

Bowen does not treat medical conditions. However, I have positive experiences helping improve the quality of life of many people, including those with conditions such as:

Lower back pain - Hip pain - Sciatic nerve pain - Knee pain - Ankle pain - Plantar pain - Coccyx pain - Jaw issues - Neck pain and restrictions - restricted movement and inflexibility - Shoulder pain and movement restriction - wrist, forearm and elbow issues - physical patterns of stress - hormonal imbalances including menopausal flushes - migraines and digestive issues - Fibromyalgia symptoms - asthma symptoms... this is not a comprehensive list!

What is important to understand is that I treat the person, assessing and correcting imbalances and allowing their system to integrate a move back to balance! With this change, symptoms improve within this more harmonious system.

I hope you have found the answer to your question on this page. If not, don't hesistate to call, text or email me to ask anything you need to know.

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