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About Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Technique is a unique and effective form of body therapy that has shown tremendous benefit in treating a range of conditions.  Using subtle but precise moves over muscle/nerve/connective tissue, it releases tightened muscles and stimulates the healing process within the body.

Bowen therapy is based on the work of the late Tom Bowen, who found that by restoring balance to the tissues of the body, the underlying cause of many health or pain problems could be addressed and the body would be able to heal itself.

The procedure

A Bowen session is is very relaxing. It consists of a series of targeted moves with the fingers and thumbs over precise areas of the body including muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. These moves are gentle and yet profound and aim to release tightened muscles and restore balance to the body. For example if the pelvis is out of alignment or slightly rotated, it can cause pain in other areas of the body that may be alleviated by restoring balance to the pelvis. Each treatment is tailored to the individual and the therapist will ask detailed questions and assess the body to address the presenting symptoms.


It is ideal for everyone at any age, and can safely and effectively used for babies, children, the elderly and during pregnancy. During a session the client will usually lie on a therapy table or bed, but it can also be effectively carried out with the client in a chair, if it is more comfortable. It is easier if the moves can be carried out directly on the skin but if the client prefers, it can be done through light and loose clothing but not through jeans.

How many treatments will I need?

Bowen therapy usually brings about change in a relatively short period of time and many accute conditions should see improvement with between 1-2, possibly three weekly sessions. Chronic problems may take slightly longer with perhaps 3-5 weekly sessions until the problem is resolved or stabilised.

Many clients enjoy coming back for maintenance treatments every so often, ie monthly to three monthly to maintain balance and their sense of well-being.

The benefits

Bowen therapy aims to treat the cause of medical conditions and pain rather than working on the symptoms. It can offer deep, long lasting healing and pain relief, reduced stress, greater mobility, control of inflammation or swelling and improved physical and emotional wellbeing. Sometimes changes can be felt at the time of the treatment. More often, however, adjustments and changes occur in the days following treatment.